In the middle of the night

Baby bird

Given all that I do, a very common question is whether I sleep. I do. But not uncommonly in the biphasic style of old, and when dreaming, usually lucid dreaming where I can control the narrative. Neither of which I recommend, but se la vie. What I don’t do is work during the middle of the night. At least not on anything work related. When my mind spins on those worries, it takes far longer...

Spot: A Jet Lag “Home” Game

Jet Lag: The Game -- EUR-It

Over the New Year’s break, I had a blast watching JetLag: The Game with my daughter. We binged all of Tag Across Europe as well as the Tom Scott Plus bonus video (UPDATE: and a week into the new year we subscribed to Nebula and watched the prototype season too, Crime Spree). Scroll down to watch on YouTube. While three days training across Europe looks like fun, it’s a bit much in...


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