Primer: (Practically) Managing a Corporation

The previous posts in this series walk through what a corporation is, how it is structured, and how investors fit in. This post will add what all that looks like in practice. HistoryCorporate Structures Grants, debt, and equityDaily, monthly, … annual management(this post) Daily operations On a day-to-day basis the CEO, other managers, and staff run the business without any interference...

Primer: Debt and Equity

Part 1 of this Primer series talked about the history and limited liability of corporations. Part 2 dove into the corporate hierarchy. This post will dive into investment structures. HistoryCorporate Structures Grants, debt, and equity(this post)Daily, monthly, … annual management Grants All the young companies I meet want to raise money. I do a lot of work in Africa and thus do meet quite...

Primer: Corporate Structures

Part 1 of this Primer series talked about the history and limited liability of corporations. This post will dive into the structure of a corporation. HistoryCorporate Structures (this post)Grants, debt, and equityDaily, monthly, … annual management Shares and shareholders Corporations have owners. For a typical corporation, these are the “shareholders” (sometimes called...

Primer: Corporations

First time entrepreneurs are often the CEO of a corporation, but nonetheless don’t know exactly what a corporation actually is, nor how a corporation works with employees, management, directors, and investors. This series of posts will walk through those details. Not as a lawyer, as I am neither a lawyer nor have ever taken a class at a law school (not counting the one I guest lecture I...

Podcast: Conscious Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

The Future of Heart-Powered Entrepreneurship interviewed me about my work at Fledge, Africa Eats, and The Angel Accelerator. Takeaways from this podcast include: Luni works with mission driven for profit entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow their companies.He recently created an accelerator for investors to help them invest in conscious companiesWhen people think about improving the...

Infinite games have different rules

We are taught how to play finite games.  Games where there are fixed rules, a fixed timeline, where the purpose is to win.  But life, sustainability, and the world we want is part of an infinite game: players that come and go, rules that change, where the objective is to keep playing the game. Simon Sinek explains this in the following interview, which is an overview of his new book, The Infinite...

“Why” will you succeed?

What sets Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright Brothers apart?

Simon Sinek explains the answer, using one simple diagram, one key word, and from biology.  And this theory matches why mission-driven companies find so much more interest than yet-another tech company.  It’s all about the Why.

Dead 2.0

One of my former MBA students is turning his business school project into a real company… one that changes the way we bury our loved ones.

Will Seattle Become the Capital of Social Entrepreneurship? (5 years later)

Five years ago, while still working on the business plan that was to become Fledge, I helped run a weekend event for “social entrepreneurs” called #SocEnt Weekend.  From that came the following video with Brian Howe, co-founder of what was to become Impact Hub Seattle. Reminiscing is often fun.  More so when we can look back five years to see what we thought might happen in ten years...


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