The Iron Nickel Rules

Most of us have heard of the Golden Rule and maybe some of us Singer’s Platinum Rule. Somehow, despite these ideas prevalently taught around the world, these rules are not prevalently followed. I propose two simpler rules, the Iron Nickel Rules, so-called as the core of the planet is made from a blend of iron and nickel metals, and these two simple rules can be a core to every relationship...

Three cars per STOP sign… and other inefficiencies

I often blame my training as an undergraduate mathematician for seeing the world differently than most others.  Case in point, the inefficiencies of the everyday stop sign, and the lesson that fails to teach us about other areas of society. Specifically, picture a busy intersection with a 4-way stop sign.  Or better yet, picture a traffic light on a busy street on a day when the power has gone...

Plan 11

Every event in Seattle this week seems to start with a lamentation of last week’s election results.  Three days after posting about #lemonade and I’m getting more funny looks than nods. At an event today, people seriously talked about potentially moving to New Zealand and to finally doing the leg work to get EU citizenship through an ancestral immigrant. Despite the mid 2010’s...

Time to make #lemonade

For the first time in 45 tries, we have an incoming President who not only has no history in politics, but despite the endless campaign, an incoming President who has not shared detailed plans, leaving us all to wonder what comes next. This has freaked out both the left and the right. The leftmost are out in the streets denying the result, with a few moderate voices calling out to give him a...


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