Superpowers for Good: Investing to End Hunger and Poverty in Africa

Superpowers for Good

Devin: What is your superpower?

Luni: I can see paradigms. Most people, they live inside paradigms, and they don’t notice.

“Most people in Africa are farmers, and they’re poor not because they’re uneducated or any less intelligent than anyone else,” says Africa Eats founder and CEO Luni Libes. “They’re poor because no one buys their outputs. No one is buying what they’re growing.”

Sequoia Capital’s simple, compelling pitch deck

Attention and time

I wrote a whole book walking entrepreneurs through the process of creating a simple, compelling pitch deck, and I’ve posted a slide-by-slide guide to the standard, 12-15 slide pitch. But there are other frameworks, and here is Sequoia Capitals, as posted by Alex Banks on Twitter. Slide-by-slide Slide 1 This is your first impression. Pick a great name. Spend a little money on a great logo...

Creating a simple, compelling pitch deck

The Next Step: pitching

I wrote a whole book walking entrepreneurs through the process of creating a simple, compelling pitch deck. Apparently most entrepreneurs don’t like to read any more than investors. To provide an alternative, The Next Step: Podcast is running a series of episodes, one slide at a time. Below is the playlist for that series and below that, the slide deck I was referring to, along with as few...

A handful of stories from Africa Eats

Africa Eats header

There are so many incredible stories to share at Africa Eats, the investment holding company spun out of Fledge in 2020. Here is a sampling of the type of solutions we’ve invested in. Homegrown, for-profit solutions with measurable impacts lessening hunger and poverty across Africa. For more stories, listen to The Opportunity is Africa, a podcast brought to you by Africa Eats And a note to...

Podcast: Conscious Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

Podcast: Conscious Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

The Future of Heart-Powered Entrepreneurship interviewed me about my work at Fledge, Africa Eats, and The Angel Accelerator. Takeaways from this podcast include: Luni works with mission driven for profit entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow their companies.He recently created an accelerator for investors to help them invest in conscious companiesWhen people think about improving the...

Alternative Investment Models for Africa

Alternative Investment Models for Africa

In this episode, Geetha Tharmaratnam, Raj Kulasingam, Vivian Nwakah Christophe Viarnaud, and Luni Libes discuss alternative investment models in Africa.

For more details on these models, see California Capitalism or buy the book on Amazon.

How I started Fledge and Africa Eats

Podcast: How I started Fledge and Africa Eats

Luni’s backstory starts the episode, Why Africa at 29:00, Africa Eats at 38:30

Listen as a podcast: Apple • Google • Amazon

Want more? Visit Fledge and Africa Eats.

The Opportunity is Africa

I learned a lot about podcasts over the last year with The Next Step: Podcast, and I’ll continue posting to that channel occasionally, but for the rest of 2019 and 2020, I’m focused on a new podcast, one that look at the multitude of business opportunities across Africa. The other reason for the focus is my opportunity to share these stories on the new Africa Business Radio podcast...

Monday… did you listen to the podcast?

My pledge a week ago was a Daily Habit of Creation, not a daily blog post. I did promise to share the day’s creation on the blog, so today the question is to you… have you listened to the podcast? Did you know The Next Step: Podcast exists? That channel is primarily focused for entrepreneurs. It’s a mix of lessons from The Next Step books, plus interviews with entrepreneurs and...

A visit to Zirconia

Zirconia is a startup company, not an obscure country. Last week I trekked over to the Zirconia lab/factory in Tukwila, Washington to check-in with the team. While there I shot a quick video visit: And recorded an interview for The Next Step podcast. The company has a breakthrough coating for concrete which seals the surface from decay and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus. In the...


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