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Some entrepreneurs stand out, clearly destined to turn their vision in reality. Some entrepreneurs succeed despite the myriad of unjust hurdles of world puts in front of them. Hurdles like being born a women. A black woman. In Africa. In one of the many countries no one outside that country cares about. Start off any entrepreneur in those circumstances and 99 out of 100 will end up no better off...

Luck and Compassion

Speaking of luck, a few years ago I volunteer to help an organization that hosted the Dalai Lama in Seattle 10 years ago.  Two months ago, members of this organization were invited to Dharmashala, India to have an audience, and I was invited along. I write books and blogs.  I teach story telling.  But no words can describe this experience.  Neither do the following videos, but they do demonstrate...


This blog usually talks about entrepreneurship and startup investing, but the news of the week is the so called “Brexit“, and all the news media want to talk about is the the end of the EU, the end of the UK and the Ends of Days. I felt compelled to write a counter-story.  Or more specifically, to share a few simple ideas that the media is overlooking: Impermanence First and foremost...

Impermanence (nothing lasts forever)

Nothing lasts forever is misleading. It implies that some things last for long periods of time. Western philosophy craves stability, predictability and tradition.  We want today to be a lot like yesterday.  We get upset when it isn’t. Buddhism has a different view.  Buddha taught that the only constant is change.  That nothing ever stays the same.  That everything is always changing.  This...


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