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A Whirlwind Tour of East Africa

I spent the first half of September in East Africa, visiting two of my fledglings in Tanzania, training 14 entrepreneurs in Nairobi, then headed off to Western Kenya and drove to and from Eastern Uganda to visit five more graduates of Fledge, my conscious company accelerator. To share a glimpse of what all that was like, below are a series of video tours of each of the companies: Plus three key...

A visit to Zirconia

Zirconia is a startup company, not an obscure country. Last week I trekked over to the Zirconia lab/factory in Tukwila, Washington to check-in with the team. While there I shot a quick video visit: And recorded an interview for The Next Step podcast. The company has a breakthrough coating for concrete which seals the surface from decay and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus. In the...


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