Lesson 7. Startup Marketing


This lecture provides a set of tools and techniques for creating your startup’s brand, creating your messaging, and in general, communicating the existence and benefits of your product or service to the world.

(Total running time: 60 minutes)

1. What is marketing?
2. Your marketing plan
3. Creativity and iteration
4. Core essence
5. Words
6. Your website
7. Social media
8. Mobile
9. Blogs
10. Lists
11. Purple Cows
12. Rules
13. Next 5 steps
14. “Mission Statement”


Real Life Purple Cows

These videos are great examples of a purple cows that are now so commonplace we take them for granted. That is what happens with great, innovative ideas. Turning heads when they launch, then months, years, or a generation later, we can’t imagine the ideas never existed. Note in the Apple video how Steve reminds us how innovative the company has been. As you watch these, think about what you would do to innovate each product again.

The first iPhone


Naming your startup

Finding a great name for your startup is a challenge. The following 10 minute video walks you through the process to not only finding a name you love, but also the steps you need to take to ensure that name can be found by others.

Naming your startup



The Next Step – Worksheet

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