Creating Angels


Out of the 320 million Americans, fewer than 320,000 are Angel investors, investing in startups. Quick math, that is less than 0.1% of all Americans. The ratio only gets worse elsewhere in the world.

Why? Investing in startups is complicated. Historically, it’s a skill learned in an ad hoc apprenticeship, with new Angels observing more experienced Angels for months or years. Few people have the time and patience for that form of learning.

Now there is a new, far more efficient path to learn how to be an Angel, The Angel Accelerator, a path that takes the learnings from startup accelerators and applies them to teaching how to invest in startups.

And not just one path, but a whole (new) network of paths. Here at the start of 2021, there are three to choose from: USA, Canada, and Africa.

USA and Africa on Wednesdays, March through mid-May. Details at Two more free webinars in February. Many free video lessons to see what startup investing is about at, including these three topics:

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