5. Cohort/Network


You are not alone at Fledge. Much of the success from modern business incubators/accelerators is the “cohort” model, inviting many entrepreneurs to participate at the same time, with the same start date, and the same end date.

This success comes from the support of this network of peers, along with the mentors who are drawn to the excitement of the collection of new companies.

To make the most of this opportunity, engage with your peers. Treat them like teammates on your project, and in turn act like part-time teammates on their projects.

Provide them your opinion on the issues they raise. Ask them for advice on issues you are facing. Use your network beyond Fledge to help your peers, and ask them to do the same for you. When interacting with mentors, point them to talk to other participants who need similar advice.

In short, share.

The Fledge program lasts just ten weeks, but the network you forge while within Fledge can subsequently last for years.

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