12. Support Network


It ain’t over when it’s over…

The Fledge program ends after 10 weeks, but the support for the fledglings is ongoing. This takes multiple forms:

The Managing Director keeps in touch with all graduates, checking in on their progress, providing advice, making connections, etc. Given the revenue-based investment model, the companies are required to communicate with Fledge at least once per quarter, and many check in monthly.

Most of the teams keep in touch with a mentor or two who they met during the program, converting that relationship to a formal or informal Advisor role.

All the fledglings are added to the fledglings@fledge.co mailing list, where relevant news and events are shared amongst the alumni. Plus each cohort has a similar mailing list for sharing relevant information within a single cohort.

Fledge graduates are invited to come back to visit future cohorts while they are in session.

Key milestones and progress is shared across the whole network, included in the newsletters to the supporters and investors, and if newsworthy, promoted out to the press.

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