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2050 is closer than 1990

One of my lessons in The Angel Accelerator is called “Seeing the Future” and the main theme is the fact that entrepreneurs need to be able to predict what is needed by customers a year or two or three from now. Along the way we talk about how almost no one predicted the pandemic in 2007-2009 when the financial markets nearly collapsed, we talk about flying cars and self-driving cars...

Typos (and other lessons in perfection)

In a recent post Fred Wilson of talked about typos in his blog, and how their existence is OK. AVC is me. I am human. Humans are imperfect. So AVC should be imperfect.So there it is. I am letting it stand. Back when I was a young entrepreneur in the 1990s I used to obsess on perfection in my work. One of the big lessons in thirty years of startup life is that nothing is ever perfect. Not...

Podcast: Conscious Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

The Future of Heart-Powered Entrepreneurship interviewed me about my work at Fledge, Africa Eats, and The Angel Accelerator. Takeaways from this podcast include: Luni works with mission driven for profit entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow their companies.He recently created an accelerator for investors to help them invest in conscious companiesWhen people think about improving the...

Impact Investing is Complicated

My biggest learning from nine years of impact investing is the complexity of the space. I spent the first twenty years of my life as a software entrepreneur, i.e. a techie, and in comparison with venture capital for tech startups, impact is an order of magnitude more complicated. Ultimately the complexity boils down to two issues. 1 – Geography It used to be that 90% of tech investing was...


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