The Next Century of Computing


While I’ve been down the rabbit hole of nostalgic computing, others are looking at the coming century of computing.

TL;DR (but please do read the post, as it’s good), the end of Moore’s Law is going to set off a “Cambrian Explosion” of new hardware designs.

I’ve not seen that prediction before, and it seems likely to me. In looking back at the 1970s era of personal computing, what held it back wasn’t just the 8-bit processors and minimal amounts of memory, but the high cost of custom chips, a.k.a. ASICs.

Here in 2022 we have companies that let anyone design a PCB at home, and have physical copies of that PCB delivered in days. No doubt some fab within this decade will do the same for chip designs, first at a cost medium size companies can afford, then startups, then for every home hobbyist.

It took me only a few hours to code up my 652402 idea in Verilog, and from Verilog to working silicon is only a few more hours of work, most of which can be guided, if not fully automated, with software.

By "Luni"


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