i. How to Read this Book


Read it twice.

Fundraising is a complicated topic. To understand fundraising, it helps if you understand the difference between debt and equity before you learn about banks, Angels, and venture capital. At the same time, it helps tremendously if you understand the business models of VCs and Angels and how they value startups before you then dive into the difference between debt and equity.

Or, in other words, fundraising can only truly be understood in its full complexities of circular causes and effects.

In writing this book, I found no simple, linear path from credit cards through cost of capital and valuation to the traditional impact thesis. No matter which way I tried ordering the chapters, early chapters always needed information described in later chapters.

The only solution is to set an expectation that you will read this book twice. Once, to grasp the key concepts. A second time, to weave those concept into their true, intertwined whole. And onward again, if needed.

Note: This is not the first book in the series

For those of you who have not yet created a business plan, or who want to ensure you have thought through all the important parts of your plan, start with companion book, The Next Step: Guiding you from idea to startup.



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