26. Ready for Market?


5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Launch!

You have the product, you know the market, you have recruited the team, and you have sufficient funds. Ready to start selling?

Is my product/service ready for sale today?

The day you launch your product, the Earth will not stand still. The sun will set as normal, and the front-page headline of the New York Times will not talk about your company.

If you are ahead of the curve, a few of the potential customers from your early conversations will have agreed to buy (or at least test) your product as soon as it launched. Meanwhile, on the day the product launches, your salesperson should be prepared to start selling to new customers.

The key to operating a successful company is to get a product into the market that people will buy. That only begins when you launch the product. So, as soon as possible, launch the product.

As discussed in Step 9, do not waste time perfecting the product. Do not add “just one more” feature which your product developer assures you will “take no time.” Do not fret over one more conversation with a potential customer or one more piece of research to ensure your product exactly meets market needs. Launch the product. You will learn far more quickly once you are asking actual customers to pay real money for your product and hearing their responses.

And, most importantly, do not get caught in the common trap of thinking that the launch of the product is the end of the process. The first launch is the beginning. It is the first step of the process of learning, optimizing, and, as quickly as possible, re-launching an updated product.


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