3. Excitement & Passion


Your research, invention, idea, etc. is so exciting you can’t sleep at night.

If you are not passionate about your idea, to the point of thinking about it in the half-asleep state each morning, in the shower, and five times per day, every day, then stop here. If you are not so excited about this idea that you bore your friends talking about it then stop here. Stop, step back, and either refine your research until it does amaze and excite at least you, or hold back on your entrepreneurial dreams until you find something that does excite you.

Am I passionate about my idea?

It is worth repeating here that starting a company is a long, difficult, risky process that often fails despite your best efforts. What makes people see the process to the end is the passion they have to see their product in the market, being sold to and used by satisfied customers. If you are not in love with your idea, odds are low you will make it through to see that goal fulfilled.

In answering this question, do not confuse passion with drive. Drive pushes you to complete a task out of obligation and responsibility. In contrast, passion pulls you out of bed in the morning with excitement to make progress in your work. Drive wears you down and burns you out. Passion fills you with energy.

Drive is useful, but passion is essential. If you lack passion for your idea, you are unlikely to answer question #1 honestly: Do you really want to start this company?

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