ii. Pitching vs. Storytelling


THERE IS A ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE between giving a startup pitch and telling a compelling story. The same type of difference between a newspaper article and a short story. The difference between Steve Jobs (as good as he was at pitching) vs. Stephen King or The War of the Roses: 1455-1485 vs. Game of Thrones.

There are times when all you need to do is present a compelling pitch, but if you want to stand out above the crowd and have your presentations truly amaze your audiences, you need to learn not only how to pitch, but also how to tell a great story.

This book will teach you both skills. The first third of the book will walk you step by step through the process of summarizing your business into a simple, understandable pitch. The middle third will walk you through presentation skills, to explain how to deliver that pitch with confidence. The final third will then leave the realm of pitching and enter the world of story telling, to get beyond the facts and figures and craft a story that audiences will be drawn into, will lean into, and will leave them hungry for more.

Story telling is one of man’s oldest arts. We’ve been telling stories for at least tens of thousands of years. We tell stories to our children. We tell stories to our friends. Craft a great story and people share it with their colleagues, saving you all the trouble of tracking down the next audience to give your pitch.


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