29. Entertain


Juggle if you have to.

LASTLY, WHETHER YOU are pitching to investors, recruits, or potential customers, keep in mind that the audience has likely seen many other similar pitches, often multiple pitches in the same week or same day. Everyone has a problem. Everyone has a solution. Everyone is faster, cheaper, or better than everyone else. To stand out from the crowd, you need to do more; you need to entertain.

RULE 64:
Entertain the audience.

Show your passion. Smile. Act excited. Be excited. Add humor to your pitch. Bring props. Get outside the box of a single person standing and talking without interruption!

In short, captivate your audience with a great story, keep control of the delivery of that story, and make it entertaining. Do that and far more people will remember you, believe in you, and follow in your vision.


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