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Video killed the PowerPoint star

ALL THESE STORYTELLING TECHNIQUES are useful when crafting a company video too. Companies don’t often put their pitches on their websites, but in the 2010’s it is quite common to have a company “explainer” video front and center online.

Moving images do an even better job conveying emotion than static imagery, plus animated diagrams can convey more information per minute than a single storyteller.

We’ve used those fact in the Fledge Demo Day, mixing videos with our in-person presentations. This used to be limited to opening videos, which either set a mood or explained the problem or outlined the solution. More recently we’ve included silent videos in the middle of the stories, to showcase the character or the solution while the speaker explains the details.

The tools for editing video are now affordable by everyone. Websites exists to buy stock footage and licensable music. The strong trend is toward short-form videos as a norm for startup marketing. And these core of these videos need to be compelling, inspirational stories, or they are not going to get watched.


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