35. Your Sales Process


Sales seems such an easy process…

With all these pieces in place, you are ready to create a sales process. The core components include:

  • Your sales funnel/pipeline stages
    (including ideas for improvements)
  • Your sales channels
    (direct, indirect, online)
  • The organization of your sales team
    (for both today, and later when you have 10 salespeople)
  • Your sales quota structures, bonuses, etc.
    (today, and at 10 salespeople)
  • Your first-draft pricing
  • Your first-draft sales projections
    (this year, and at least a guess at next year)
  • Ideas for creating urgency
  • Your post-sales activities

Like your business plan, this should be organized and written down before you try to use it, ideally in a document, or at least within a slide presentation.


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