Time(zone) Travel and Virtual Jet Lag


Normally I’d be flying around the world to attend a handful of conferences between the end of summer and end of the year. Here in 2020, we instead get the global, online, virtual conferences.

Earlier this week I attended The Future Summit, hosted annually by the Segal Family Foundation. Lovely event. Only trouble was that it was scheduled for East Africa Time, GMT+3, and I live in Pacific Time, GMT-7 this time of year. So for me, the conference was 2am-11am.

The Sankalp Global Summit is in a month. It is scheduled in India Time, GMT+5.5, and this time I’m speaking. The lovely organizers know I’m 11.5 hours behind them and are scheduling me mid-day, around midnight or 1am my time.

Anyhow… timezone travel feels a lot like jet lag. 24 hours and one good night sleep later, I’m tired but feeling way better than yesterday. I should be 100% by tomorrow.

Jet lag without the cramped seats, bad food, and endless stream of movies. Welcome to the 2020s.

By "Luni"


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