Impermanence (nothing lasts forever)


Nothing lasts forever is misleading. It implies that some things last for long periods of time.

Western philosophy craves stability, predictability and tradition.  We want today to be a lot like yesterday.  We get upset when it isn’t.

Buddhism has a different view.  Buddha taught that the only constant is change.  That nothing ever stays the same.  That everything is always changing.  This is what Buddhists call impermanence.

I write this post, and add this new category the week of the Brexit.  More on that in the next post.

Entrepreneurs, consciously or not, are a little bit Buddhist as they set out to make impermanence obvious.  They see a situation where change is needed, and if all goes well, others (a.k.a. customers) agree that the change is good.

Successful entrepreneurs also realize that their messaging, sales process, internal operations, etc. are never quite right, and call upon that sense of impermanence to tinker, testing out new ideas to strengthen their startups.

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By "Luni"


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