Awareness 2. A Great Brand


Most investors, customers, vendors, and supporters have not visited your company in person. Most never will. And yet if they did, they’ve have more trust as an investee, customer, or vendor. You can address this oversight by 80% with a site visit video.


Finding a great name is challenging. It is harder to name a company than to name a child. Fundamentally, the choice comes down to two choices. First, big and established vs. fun and exciting. Second, descriptive or not.


Creating a great logo is almost as difficult as naming. However, while there are no low-cost marketing agencies for names, there are many low-cost providers online for creating logos. My favorite is, a site that runs crowdsourced contests that provide dozens or hundreds of choices of logos.

At Fledge, we create a lot of logos for the fledglings, as well as quite a few renamings.

Chabana Farms was rebranded as Kalahari Honey, to make their newfound focus on honey explicit.

God Cares Farm was rebranded as Oreeggs. Now their focus is clear too, and their name distinct.

We found a name for a Kenyan hydropower company. Bieera in the Kisii language means “waterfalls.”


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