Operations 4. Board of Directors


You’ve got an operational company.  You’ve raised money from an investor.  That investor asked for a set on the board of directors.  You agreed.  Now what do you do?  What does a board of directors do?  How often do they meet?  How do those meetings work?

General Concepts

Wikipedia and Investopedia.

Quick Overviews

Reading from Feld.com

Brad Feld is one of the most prolific startup investors in the world, a co-founder of the TechStars accelerator, and multiple entrepreneurs have told me he’s an awesome board member.

Reading from Both Sides of the Table

Marc Suster doesn’t blog as often as Brad Feld, but nearly every one of his  posts is worth reading.  Here’s Marc’s series on startup boards:

Reading from AVC.com

Fred Wilson has been blogging every day for years.  He seems to be the most prolific voice of venture capital, especially impact-oriented tech companies (e.g. Etsy, Kickstarter, Twitter) well respected, well experienced, and full of useful knowledge:

Reading from Startup CEO

Matt Blumberg has literally written the book on Startup CEOs:


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