Lesson 10. A Great Pitch


You have an idea, a solution, and a great plan to execute. Now you need to communicate all that to investors, potential hires, and potential customers. To do that, you need a great pitch (or more specifically, three great pitches).

This lesson explains how to create and deliver a great pitch.

(Total running time: 59 minutes)

1. No perfect pitch
2. Three pitches
3. Problem… customer
4. The opportunity
5. Competition
6. The team
7. The financials
8. The ask
9. Q&A and close
10. Excitement
11. No thinking!
12. Face the audience
13. Pixar purple
14. Own the room
15. In their shoes
16. Concrete Battery 1.0
17. Concrete Battery 2.0
18. Concrete Battery 3.0
19. Learn from the best



The Next Step – Worksheet

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