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Lesson 4. The Business Model Canvas+


The book “Business Model Generation” introduced the world to the concept of the Business Model Canvas, a visual design language to document, share, and iterate business models.

This is a very useful tool for business planning, but as presented in the book, is missing a few key attributes to make it a complete business plan.  The Business Presentation Pyramid is an augmentation to this tool to fill in the missing gaps.

This video provides a quick overview of the Business Model Canvas.

Running time: 2 minutes


Alexander Osterwalder, author of Business Model Generation explains business models and the Business Model Canvas.

Running time: 42 minutes

This lecture expands the Business Model Canvas, adding the new blocks that form the Business Presentation Pyramid.

Running time: 3 minutes

Worksheet & Printable Pyramid

The Next Step – Worksheet
Business Presentation Pyramid (poster)

Online Business Model Canvas Tools

Strategyzer ($)
Canvanizer (free)


HardcoverThe Next StepThe Next StepThe Next StepThe Next Step The Next StepThe Next StepThe Next Step



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