Lesson 9. Corporate Culture


A startup is a clean slate. If you take the time and effort, the corporate culture can be anything you envision. If you don’t bother, then at scale it will be just another place to work, yet another “Office”, yet another “Dilbert”, a soul-sucking job you take to get some “Moon Shoes”.

This lecture looks at three innovative corporate cultures: Netflix, Valve, and the Method Soap Company.

(Total running time: 72 minutes)

0. Moon Shoes
1. Dilbert and The Office
2. Freedom and Responsibility
3. No Managers at Valve
4. The Method Method
5. Tours of Duty at LinkedIn
6. Radical corporate democracy
7. Holacracy
8. Your culture?

Nike’s Principals

Case studies

Netflix Freedom & Responsibility Culture
Nexflix Culture (official website)
Value Guide for New Employees
The Method Method by Eric Ryan, Adam Lowry and Lucas Conley
Blinkracy from Blinkist
Buffer’s blog and open data
Johnson & Johnson’s Credo
Why company culture is crucial by Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot


The Next Step – Worksheet

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