Your Entrepreneurship Skills


To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be a generalist, with a wide variety of specific skills.  This class will walk you though most of those skills, to you organize those skills you already have and to help fill in any of your gaps.

To help you understand and visualize your existing skills, I’ve created the Entrepreneurship Skills Map.  It includes seven important areas of skills that every entrepreneur must know, measuring each on a scale of 0 (no idea) through 7 (mastery).

Entrepreneurship Skills Map FINANCE Entrepreneurship Skills Map MARKETING Entrepreneurship Skills Map SALES Entrepreneurship Skills Map ROUNDED

For example, above are four skills maps.  The top left map is an entrepreneur experienced in finance, with little experience or comfort selling.  The top right map is experience in marketing, but gaps in finance and sales and fundraising.  The bottom left is an experienced salesperson, with little experience in finance or operations.  And the bottom right is a well-rounded generalist, but one who has only a workable knowledge in all seven sets of skills.

What does your skills map look like?  Download the Entrepreneurship Skills Map, flip to the Detailed descriptions tab to accurate rate your abilities, and type in those values.

And what skills are missing from your team?  Overlay the maps from the whole team and the gaps become apparent:


Entrepreneurship Skills Map.xlsx


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