1. Ten Weeks


Fledge is just ten weeks long. That may sound like quite a while, but it will fly by faster than you can imagine.

Most participants will progress through these weeks in roughly four overlapping phases:

  • Weeks 1-3 – Validation
    Focusing the idea, customer feedback, competitive research, fleshing out a minimal viable product, market research, financial planning, potential customer conversations.
  • Weeks 4-7 – Prototype
    Implementation, potential customer conversations, iteration.
  • Weeks 5-7 – Communication
    Creating and polishing an on-stage talk for “Demo Day”
  • Weeks 8-10Launch/Grow
    Implementing the plan, and getting ready for the “real world”.

Some participants may move more quickly than this. Some participants may iterate multiple times between ideation and execution.

For those who arrive with an up and running business, you’ll still be pushed to follow this same pattern. Rather than ideating from scratch, you’ll be asked to uncover and question the assumption in your plan, and from there determine if there is no better possible plan. It it not uncommon for entrepreneurs to find early revenues and from that, get stuck on one specific path, without taking the time to look around for other better, faster, more lucrative alternatives.

The goal is for everyone to leave the program with a clear direction, including an understanding on why that is likely the best path forward.  And everyone should walk away with the knowledge that their plan is wrong, will always be wrong, but is useful none the less.

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