2. The Lean Startup


The Lean StartupThe core business philosophy taught at Fledge is “The Lean Startup”, embodied in a book by the same title by Eric Reis.

The Lean Startup teaches a few key lessons:

  1. Startup Businesses are not smaller versions of big businesses. They need to be managed differently.
  2. Market research is best done via interactions with actual customers, not via hypothetical discussions with potential customers.
  3. Successful companies get products into the market, measure the results, learn, and iterate this cycle as quickly and often as possible.

For “fledglings”, these lessons are typically embodied in the creation of a “minimal viable product” (MVP). Much of the time at Fledge will be spent seeking the right MVP for your businesses, validating that MVP, and ideally, launching the MVP before the end of the program.

If you are already up and running, we’ll ask you to go back and illuminate your assumptions, double check your plans, validate that you are on the best path forward, and ideally, take steps to grow your business.

That may sound audacious, but that level of speed is what you need to get your company from idea to reality.

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