3. The Next Step


The Next Step (oblique)The Lean Startup alone is insufficient. It is missing the rest of the story in regards to business planning. If by the end of Fledge you do not have a plan for success, then as they say, you are planning to fail.

The Next Step series of books guides you through the process of creating such a plan. The first in the series, subtitled “Guiding you from idea to startup” walks you through the whole process, from ideation through operations.

This is the core curriculum taught at Fledge, provided both as a traditional paperback book, as well as a series of online lectures.

Fledge includes twice-weekly classes. But unlike traditional classes where the teacher lectures in front of the students, at Fledge these classes are “flipped”. The lectures are assigned as homework, to be watched by you before the classes begin. Class time is then spent in groups, working through the material already learned at home, with the teacher ensuring that everyone understands the lessons.

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