4. Weekly Goals


To ensure you get the most out of Fledge, each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday begins with a “stand up” status meeting. “Stand up”, as in everyone stands, to keep the meetings quick. Each participant gets just 60-90 seconds.

Before each of these meetings, you need to prepare what you’ll be sharing. Don’t waste others’ time thinking about what you’ll be saying when it’s your turn. Spend at least 5 or 10 minutes before each meeting, thinking through your status and goals, any “asks” you have of the group, anything blocking your progress.

A typical update always includes:

  • What did you accomplish since the last status meeting? And was it what you had planned?
  • What are you planning on accomplishing before the next status meeting?
  • Is there anything blocking your progress, and if so, what?

Updates may also include one or two of the following?

  • What help do you need from the peers and/or mentors?
  • What one question are you struggling to answer?
  • What did you try recently that failed?
  • Share some unexpected advice from a mentor.
  • Share a recent success story.

The more you share with the group, the more help you’ll receive. Be specific. Be precise. Be prepared.

Being prepared with your remarks lets you engage in the meeting, avoid the distraction of trying to recall what you plan to say while others are speaking, providing them the attention and answers they need, just as you expect of them.

On Tuesdays and Thursday, we forgo these meetings, as we instead meet together to help solve issues raised by two or three or more of the fledglings. This is an opportunity to use the brainpower and creativity of the 10-20 participants, vs. relying on just your own small team.

Plus, as we’ll all be working together on a daily basis, there is no reason to wait until any of these scheduled events. At any time, you can ask for help from any of your fellow fledglings.

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