8. Demo Day


500x150 Event Space

Demo Day is your chance to get up on stage, in front of a big crowd, and amaze them with a story of impact and wonder.  At Fledge, the goal of Demo Day is to be far more like TED than an investor meeting.  We invite the whole community.  We treat the event as entertainment.

We also professionally video the whole event, so that the talks can live in past the night.  They are viewed by thousands of people online.  Many fledglings use their talks as part of their marketing efforts, to entice investors, and to recruit team members.

It is never too early to think about what story you want to share with the world, and how you can make that story stand out against not only the other fledglings in the room that night, nor the dozens of fledglings that will share that stage online, but also the hundreds of thousands of other startups like yours vying for attention from the world.

Preparing for Demo Day

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