9. 30/60/90 Days


Before you know it, the 10 weeks of Fledge will be over.  What comes next is up to you?  If you’ve been paying attention for 10 weeks, then you know the best way to choose the future is to make a plan.

Thus before you leave, make a plan for the next 30 days, 60 days, and quarter.  Like you did at the start of the program, lay out goals, this time month by month rather than week by week.  Like you’ve now experienced, expect those goals to change.  Change is good.  Change means you are learning what doesn’t work, and eventually, what does.

And remember, just because you no longer meet together daily, Fledge never truly ends.  When you have news to share, share it with the cohort.  When you have questions, ask Luni or any other mentor you’ve met.  Use the network you created while at Fledge, its there to help for as long as you keep using it.

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