10. Promotion


All press is good press…

Despite the abundance of bloggers, it can still be a challenge for new companies to get coverage online. Each cohort at Fledge is a newsworthy event, picked up by at least the trade press, and often the greater, business press as well.

Individual stories of the fledglings are written by either the team itself or the Managing Director, and submitted to blogs and other press.

With all these stories published, journalists on occasion reach out to Fledge for information on stories, and this most often results in including mention of one or more of the fledglings.


A 21st medium is podcasting. Luni gets invited as a guest on multiple podcasts per year, most often talking about how Fledge works, and telling stories about successful fledglings.


In addition to publications by others, Fledge sends out its own newsletter to an audience of many thousands of supporters. This is sent weekly days while the program is running, and at least twice per month between sessions.

The newsletter carries a variety of information, including information about applications for potential participants, dates for events to recruit mentors, updates on the current and graduated fledglings, plus events run by partner organizations and other interesting events within the startup ecosystem.

Luni spends a portion of his time attending events, volunteering around the ecosystem, and networking in general, using those efforts in part to continually grow this mailing list. As Fledge expands to more cities, the other Managing Directors will add their contacts to this mailing list, growing it to tens of thousands.

eg-newsletter  eg-newsletter2
An example newsletter, sent one week prior to the Winter 2013 cohort

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