11. Investor Relations


It (usually) takes money to make money…

Most startups require some capital to begin and scale. For conscious companies, this initial capital typically comes from friends & family, crowdfunding, and impact investors.

As compared to the “tech” sector, there is barely any such capital available for conscious startups. Fledge pushes all participants to write a bootstrappable business plan, to find a path forward that requires either no outside capital, or nothing beyond a Kickstarter/Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Meanwhile, Fledge does connect fledglings with impact investors, impactful Angel Groups, and impact venture funds. The difficulty comes in matching the companies with financiers with matching missions, matches stages, and matching geographies.

Echoing Green / Cleantech Open

Fledglings are encouraged to apply to the various business plan competitions targeted to impactful companies. Extra coaching is provided to help in the success of these efforts.

SVP Fast Pitch / Seattle Angel Conference

Fledglings are encouraged to apply to events such as the SVP Fast Pitch and Seattle Angel Conference, which raise committed capital investment funds from a dozen or more investors, investing in one, two, or three “winning” companies.

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