16. Input and Output


The program as virtuous cycle…

The value of Fledge to each participant is directly related to the amount of effort the participants put into the program.

The most common question by applicants (or potential applicants) is what they should expect to come away with after Fledge. There is unfortunately no simple answer to this question.

Talking to the graduates, they point out that they get access to more mentors than they’d otherwise expect. They find more focus, more quickly, while at the same time better understand the breadth of opportunities in their market. They try more ideas. They simply move faster.

If participants come in and work every day for 10 weeks, they typically make more progress in those 10 weeks than they’d make on their own in 6 or 9 or 12 months.

This is explained on Day 1, by explaining the “normal” cadence of business. That looks like: (1) Send an email to schedule a meeting. (2) Receive a response in a day or two, for a meeting next week. (3) Meet. (4) Follow up a week or two after that.

At Fledge, given the 10-week deadline, the normal cadence is to (1) request a meeting one day, (2) have the meeting a day or two later, and (3) make a decision in the hours after the meeting.

When a company has a pressing question, someone gets them an answer within 48 hours. Sometimes the Managing Director, sometime a mentor, sometimes a fellow participants, and sometimes from a potential customer or partner.

This speed is driven by the participants, hence input related to output.

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