“How stupid can one be?”


Sitting in my inbox today was an email whose subject asked “How stupid can one be?” The email seemed to answer the question itself.

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Have you heard?

  •  Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York receiving an Emmy for his COVID-19 TV briefings.
  • Pennsylvania has suddenly mandated masks inside your own residence.
  • Also…in Manitoba, Canada, current measures like snitch lines, private police, and removing Christmas toys from store shelves have been announced. 
  • And Edmonton’s mandatory mask bylaw has been extended until the end of 2021 in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

This, regardless of the maker of Covid tests saying the pandemic is the biggest joke to ever exist!

Yes, you read that correctly.          

During a conference call, top pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson told the Canadian government in Alberta that the coronavirus pandemic is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” Hodkinson, who is the CEO of a biotech company that makes COVID tests, says “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.” We are seeing “politics playing healthcare, and that’s a very dangerous game.”

He said that “positive test results do not mean a clinical infection. All testing should cease because the false numbers they produce are ‘driving public hysteria’.” Hodkinson says the likelihood of death for people under the age of 65 is “one in three-hundred thousand” and it is “outrageous” to shut down society for what is merely “just another bad flu.”

Imagine my surprise.

I’m sure I didn’t subscribe to the sender’s mailing list, but I do purposefully include some of the right-leaning media in my news feed to see how it is describing the state of the world.

I’m thus not surprised by narratives like this, but I am disappointed. Sure, I’m disappointed in FOX News and the rest of the right-leaning entertainment industry that pretends to be factual news.

But I’m far more disappointed in the tens of thousands of American school districts who continue to stick by the Cold War curriculum of Algebra and Geometry to all students rather than including the far more useful topic of Logic and Critical Thinking.

I’d also suggest swapping out any year of Social Studies and re-introducing Civics as a required class. Every American should be taught the Constitution before they are old enough to vote. Every American should know how voting actually works, at all levels of government.

Every American should be able to see the news of 250,000 deaths and push back on any “news anchor” claiming there is a hoax, and vote out any elected official who says the same.

To answer the question in the subject line, stupid beyond pre-pandemic belief.

By "Luni"


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