Kick uses a simple, English, 1-page contract for the agreement between participants and the organizer of the program.  Three variations of this contract are provided, one for a direct fee, one for a crowdfunded fee, and one for a revenue-based payment of the fee.

These are provided as Word files.  Before you share them with your potential participants, it is highly recommended that you customize the forms and save them as PDFs.

  1. Fill out your d.b.a. at the top, e.g. “Kick Timbuktu” (a program of XYZ Ltd)
  2. Replace the blank signature lines under KICK with your signature and address
  3. Replace the paragraph labeled “Washington” to have “This contract is governed under the laws of <insert your province or country>.”
  4. Review the contract for any other changes that are relevant to your specific program

Lastly, given you will hopefully be eventually managing hundreds of these forms, it is highly suggested that you use an online signature processing system such as Docusign.




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