26. Community


A community of inclusive communities…

Kick itself is a startup.  A Lean Startup at that.  As such, it is expected to learn from the market, adapt over time, make improvements, and experiment.

At the same time, in expanding Kick to markets worldwide, it will no doubt need to make modifications to fit those local markets.

To meet these challenges and provide the best service to the most entrepreneurs worldwide, Kick is from the start being created as a community.  Legally we are structured as a Seattle-based company with licensees in other cities, but beyond the legalities, we aim to create an open, inclusive community of Directors who are eager to help entrepreneurs.

We seek Directors who like to experiment.  Who are not looking just to Seattle for all the answers on how to operate their programs, but who want to join in an interactive community that shares lessons, best-practices, and failed experiments.

Creating this community will no doubt be itself a series of learnings and experiments, some which will work well and others that will fail.


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