Officially, Legally Locked-Down


Governor Jay Inslee has ordered everyone in Washington State to Stay Home, Stay Healthy.

More details on the Governor’s Medium page

I normally work from home this time of year and most of my days include phone/internet calls with people from across the country and other continents. If you are not living in a hot spot, stock up on non-perishable food now, as this same order is coming to your state and country in the next few weeks.

Graph from the Financial Times

The latest graph (above) from the Financial Times help illustrate this point. Except for a few outliers, every country is doubling in positive tested cases every 1-3 days.

South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong’s massive testing have slowed their growth rate, providing that method works. Italy’s growth rate in the past few days has slowed down to double only every four days, showing hope that lock-downs will work in Western countries.

But note that 7 days ago I posted the FT’s graph and the top line was 20,000 cases, with only China above that. Now Italy is above 50,000. And even more scary, the U.S. 7 days ago had less than 3,000 cases. In a day the count will surpass 50,000.

So again, if you are in a city or country with a handful of cases, you are only a month behind Italy, Spain, and Washington State. It is inevitable now that we’ll see a lockdown in New York City, probably before the week is over.

Lastly, for anyone listening to the nonsense from the “other Washington”, the one where the disease is inside both Congress and the White House, the one that is saying this will all be over in a few weeks, those are neither facts nor beliefs, they are at best platitudes to calm the masses, but more likely simply outright lies.

People are dying! Far more people will soon be dying. You can all save lives, and it’s simple. Stock up on food, stay home, and stay safe.

By "Luni"


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