People before Profit


It took me a few months to finish People before Profit, the inspiring story of Bob Moore, the founder of Bob’s Red Mill.  A friend recommended it, as (spoiler) at age 70 Bob gave the company to his employees.

From my other readings on economics, I’m concluding that its the inequality of ownership that is the root cause of both wealth and income inequality.  I was thus eager to read about a close-to-home example of employee ownership.

Trouble is, this is really just a book about Bob’s life, and the series of struggles that were overcome on the path to building Bob’s Red Mill.  The part about employee ownership is in the very last chapter, and it spends far more time talking about the national press than anything else about the ESOP.

If you’ve seen any books that talk about the details of worker co-ops, ESOPs, or any other form of employee ownership, please share the name to @Lunarmobiscuit on Twitter.

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