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Nine of every ten startups fail. For the the last decade I’ve been sharing my 30+ years of experience to help lower that horrible statistic. And it is working.

Eight of our ten of the companies at Africa Eats are still running, the oldest now over 10 years old and many soon to reach that milestone?

How? Business planning.

The Next Step 10th Anniversary (header)

By not stopping with a Plan A, as Plan A rarely succeeds. By not only planning out the product, but also the marketing, sales, and operations. By building a financial model, iterating on it, and from that effort learning how the money flows through your business.

I explain how to do all of this in The Next Step’s 10th Anniversary Edition. This is a compendium of all six books in The Next Step series, with just about every chapter updated with the lessons learned after a decade teaching this material, plus a few bonus chapters with other lessons not included in the original books.

Now available in both hardcover and paperback, as well as Kindle. Exclusively on

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