The Drought of Capital


Entrepreneurs are farmers of ideas.
Farmers who are living in a perpetual drought.
No matter how well we teach entrepreneurship, the drought creates year after year of failed crops.

The fix has little to do with more and better incubators, accelerators, and startups labs.

This drought is the lack of capital to support the existing startups.

Just as we can’t solve a regional drought by trucking in water, we can’t solve the lack of capital from shipping in capital from other regions or countries.

The only reasonable long-term fix is to tap the local aquifer.
In this metaphor, that is the plethora of wealthy and middle class who exist in every city in the world, but who today do not invest in startups.

Teach them how to invest in startups and we end this drought.
Then, and only then will the entrepreneurs thrive. Everywhere.

By "Luni"


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