i. Is this Book for You?


THIS BOOK IS for anyone with a business plan in head or hand who is ready to create and deliver a great “pitch.” This book will walk you through the elements of an engaging and effective presentation, and will provide a set of do’s and don’ts to maximize the effect of your pitch.

Your “pitch” might be a presentation to investors, but could also be a presentation to potential employees, or the first part of your sales process. Or you might be pitching within an existing business to convince your peers or bosses to pursue a new process or new product.

After walking you through creation and delivery of a pitch, the book will then show you how to take that to the next level, turning your pitch into a full-fledged, engaging story.

The content covered is specific to pitching a business, but the techniques are equally useful to non-profits and other organizations, or anyone who wishes to create persuasive presentations, both within and external to those organizations


The Next Step series

If you have yet to create a business plan, start The Next Step: Guiding You from Idea to Startup. It is the first in a series of guide books on entrepreneurship. It will provide the overview of the startup process. Other books, including this one, will then fill in the details of that process.

No gimmick, just step after step after step

Most business books have a “gimmick,” a single catchy idea that helps to sell more books. That works well for authors, but The Next Step is here to help you, not me.

If there were just one simple piece of knowledge to turn an idea into a successful company or a business plan into an awesome pitch, this would be a very short book or perhaps even just a long blog post.

The reality is that the process of creating a successful startup is complex. Arduous. Unforgiving of missteps and mistakes. The only idea that you’ll see repeated in this book and this book series is that there is always a next step to work on to increase your odds of success.


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