15. Be Listed


Hello, can you see me now???

The next step is to ensure your company is in all the right directories.

The first stop for that should be LinkedIn. With a new company, you need to update your own LinkedIn profile, and, to do that, you need to create a company profile.

If you have a technology-centric startup, you should create a profile on Angel.co and CrunchBase. It doesn’t hurt to do the same if your company is not “tech.”

For socially conscious startups, create a profile on EnableImpact.com. For African startups, VC4Africa.biz.

The other choices are market-specific and constantly changing. The easiest way to find the right lists is to google your competitors and see where they are listed.

And, for some companies, there are still offline lists that are important. For example, local businesses should contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

For some industries, there are key trade shows and/or conferences that are “must attend” events. For example, in the U.S., nearly all consumer electronics companies attend the Consumer Electronics Show (a.k.a. CES). For gaming, E3. For mobile, CTIA. For social enterprise, SOCAP. If your industry has a such an event, attend.



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