Bowie, Jazz, an Unplayable Piano and the power of Business Accelerators


What do David Bowie, Jazz, and an unplayable piano have to do with the power of business accelerators? All get you out of your comfort zone, and that seems to be a secret to success.

This episode of Tim Harford’s Cautionary Tales explains how.

Listen to the episode first. My analysis is that one of the powers of an in-residency, in-person business accelerator is that it gets entrepreneurs out of their daily routine, forces them into a new city and new structure for weeks on end, and in that it creates the atmosphere they need to do the strategic thinking that greatly increases their odds of success.

Plus, being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and dozens of mentors gives them the oblique strategies and new ideas that rarely come from the insular management team operating the business back home.

By "Luni"


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