How I started Fledge and Africa Eats

Podcast: How I started Fledge and Africa Eats

Luni’s backstory starts the episode, Why Africa at 29:00, Africa Eats at 38:30

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The Post Covid-19 World (in Africa)

“How in the world [is Africa] going to deal with this? We didn’t plan for disease. They are putting dead bodies in the streets” – Melinda Gates When Melinda Gates, co-creator of the world’s largest foundation, largest non-government philanthropist for healthcare and hunger doesn’t know of a solution, there is no solution coming. I’ve been writing about...

The Looming Hunger Pandemic

Two months after predicting a hunger crisis in Africa, and there is a hunger crisis in Africa. The news on this has been sparse, but its starting to trickle out. Today the story was posted on Foreign Affairs. The novel coronavirus has overwhelmed public health systems and jolted economies around the world. Now it is poised to spark a global hunger crisis as well. After decades of progress in the...

Safeguarding Africa’s food systems

Both McKinsey and the International Monetary Fund published papers in the last week talking about the current and coming food security issues in Africa. McKinsey McKinsey’s paper is Safeguarding Africa’s food systems through and beyond the crisis. TL;DR: Africa is a net importer of food and requires $6 billion worth of imported inputs to grow the food it grows. So far, the breakdowns in the...

Coronavirus = Hunger in Africa

Over a month ago I warned that the coronavirus pandemic is more than a health crisis in Africa (and the rest of the emerging market countries). Last week I posted the first signs of that coming crisis. It’s here. WATCH: Thousands of people in South Africa stand in a line over two miles long to receive food amid the coronavirus crisis.— CBS News (@CBSNews)...

The Coronavirus Hunger Crisis

If 200,000 (on the way to 400,000) deaths from Covid-19 were not enough to worry about, there is the coming hunger crisis across at least half of the world caused by the lockdowns and economic collapse. I predicted this a month ago and have been talking almost daily with entrepreneurs in Africa with actual stories of the food system collapsing. The New York Times wrote about this crisis a few...

Pandemic 2020: Next Up, Africa

I’m worried for Africa. I’ve spent the last month dropping into the rabbit hole researching, analyzing, and experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, and I have seen just one minor analysis of what the pandemic means in Africa. I’m American, but have met and taught hundreds of African entrepreneurs, personally visiting many of their businesses in Africa. In the past week I’ve...

Eating Tomorrow

A few weeks ago there was a talk on Agroecology by Timothy A. Wise. That term is widely used outside the U.S. for what we’d call sustainable or restorative agriculture. That part of the talk was good, but far more interesting were the stories from the book which the talk summarized, Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food. The author traveled the...

The Opportunity is Africa

I learned a lot about podcasts over the last year with The Next Step: Podcast, and I’ll continue posting to that channel occasionally, but for the rest of 2019 and 2020, I’m focused on a new podcast, one that look at the multitude of business opportunities across Africa. The other reason for the focus is my opportunity to share these stories on the new Africa Business Radio podcast...

The Hurdles facing Africa

This is the third of a series of blog posts where I’m sharing my learning from visiting Africa (specifically East Africa), to help my fellow Americans and like-minded Europeans. Part one was the visible energy part two opportunities, and this part three on the issues in the way of those opportunities. Issue #1 – 1 billion people, 85%-90% of which are farmers, and yet the continent of Africa...


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