Seeing is hard, especially into the future

Cover of BYTE 1991

This year I’m celebrating 30 years as an entrepreneur, and with that round number reminiscing more than usual about three decades of learnings. My personal journey into startups began a year earlier, in February of 1991, while still a senior in college at Carnegie Mellon. That month’s issue of BYTE magazine focused on the future of laptops, with a series of articles talking not just...

General Magic, the biggest startup you’ve never heard of

The Verge just posted an article about a new film, “General Magic“, the most important company to come out of Silicon Valley that no one’s ever heard of. That is a startup that brings back old memories en masse, as it was one of the big platforms that my first startup, Nimble, wrote and sold software.  For those of you who never heard of it (which should be 99.999% of you), General...


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