The Forest of All Knowledge


Every year or so I find myself lost on a hike through the Forest of All Knowledge, and, so far, have enjoyed those journeys quite a bit more than one my the best YouTubers, CPG Grey. If you’ve never seen his videos, start with Rules for Rulers and Airport Codes and the State Flags. If you want to understand the Forest of All Knowledge and the wayfinding needed to reach the other side, watch The Race to Win Staten Island and Someone Dead Ruined my Life… Again.

My own journeys include:

1. Understanding wealth inequality, which started with Capital in the Twenty-First Century and (mostly) ended three years later with all the book reports and blog posts in the Economics topic.

2. Two paragraphs in The Wealth of Nations mentioning the unique currency of the Pennsylvania colony, later printed by Benjamin Franklin after he moved down from Boston. Apparently I didn’t blog that story but it did start me collecting worthless currencies.

3. The question about Apple, Atari, and Commodore not improving the MOS 6502. That led to months down a rabbit hole in the forest and a lot of interesting answers posted to the Nostalgia category.

4. The latest surprise about Warren Buffett retiring in 1969. Two books half read trying to understand what happened, when, and why.

All this on top of my thirty+ year stroll through the forest understanding entrepreneurship, generally documenting my learnings as books or Advice blog posts. And my decade+ hike up mount investing, understanding the history of venture capital, the shortcomings of the VC business model, and alternatives like revenue-based investing and holding companies.

By "Luni"


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