Change happens. Are you keeping up?


Change happens.  Inevitably.  Change happens a bit every day, usually without you noticing.  Then one day, you look up and the world was not as you remember.  This happens in all sorts of areas of life, and this slow series of changes can greatly affect your business in a multitude of ways.

The most obvious is when the competition has changed their pricing, or when they’ve added a subscription-option, and you are using what is now an “old fashion” business model with out-of-date prices.

This can happen in your marketing, where the words (a.k.a. messaging) you’ve been using for years are now sounding like yesterday’s jargon.  The same with your sales pitch, with brochures and flyers that to modern eyes look like they were created a few decades ago.

And here in the fast-moving 21st Century, the same is true of your website.  This website launched back in January 2014 (see The Purpose of “Purpose” for the very first blog post).  Four years later, and the once cutting-edge design was looking mainstream, and the WordPress template not working well on the latest phones and tablets.  Plus there were four years of backlog of small updates that were never done.  Sum it up, and it was time for a refresh:

What do you think?  Too simple?  Too heavy in promoting the books?  Looks odd in your browser or on your device?

Meanwhile, how old is your website?  Does your logo still have the “roundness” from the early 2010s?  Is your company name stuck in ALLCAPS or alllowercase?  When was the last time you updated your sales deck?  Looked at your sales process?  Did some financial projections?

What change has happened that you’ve yet to notice?

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By "Luni"


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